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Thread: Need Expert Mage builds

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    Default Need Expert Mage builds

    Anyone have good mage builds for dps and Healing for expert dungeons for a new 50?

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    For healing I and a majority of players would say go with 32 cholro and 34 warlock, but if you get sick of that or find yourself bored you can go archon instead of lock and have some sustainable buffs that you need to keep up for some added interest and to mix some things up. For dps there is obviously the a 51 pyro/10 lock/ 5 archon for the fire damage, the classic necro/lock combo for a free do nothing aoe of grave rot stackable with devouring shadow and your pet also adds some nice dps if spec into it correctly my dps pet crits for around 750 with necrosis on a target. A 51 archon build is also some fun and can provide some cool buffs to your party members but is also take some thought to play as you have to pay attention to what buffs/debuffs you have but it's more a support role than a dps role in my eyes. A lot of people like a sc/ele combo for aoe dps. I don't have any experience with that build but everyone says a sc has amazing aoe damage so for dungeon pulls it would be great. Just try experimenting around with different combos on the dummies and if you have a parser then just compare and go with what suits your play style the best is my opinon. I really like my necro/lock build.

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