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Thread: Conceal/Invis Mage Abilities

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    Default Conceal/Invis Mage Abilities

    Just a thought that I would be interested in some feedback on....

    I love playing mage, and in other games magic wielders have the ability to bend light/shadows to do some neat things, like:

    Blur their image to make them harder to hit
    Make themselves invisible
    Create mirror images of themselves when they are attacked
    Or even at really high levels create a virtual shadow of themselves that will fight by their side

    I would love to see content like this added to the mage spec to increase solo survivability and more interest to what a mage can do.


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    We cannot go blurry or make ourselves invisible, but we thave those other two things covered.

    Dominator's Split Personality is a 'mirror-image' type skill, and as for a 'virtual shadow', I suppose we have pets for that.

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