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Thread: Potential Pyro/Ele Cooldown Bug

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    Default Potential Pyro/Ele Cooldown Bug

    Before you all go nuts at me for either:

    a) bringing up a bug that has already been discussed/raised on these forums or,
    b) making the devs aware of a bug, potentially leading to a fix (even though this has probably been raised with them by now)

    I just want to say that I don't have endless amounts of time to search for other threads that would allow me to avoid point a) and well if point b) annoys you, then you're obviously playing this game for the wrong reasons

    Anyways, has anyone come across the bug when combining Intensify Elements and Heat Wave with an Ele/Pyro build?

    If you pop Intensify Elements, it uses the ability and puts it on the 2 min CD. Obviously, to maximise DPS, you'd want to pop Heat Wave with it for 50% more damage + 50% faster casting speeds. However, if you use Heat Wave after Intensify Elements, it resets the cooldown of Intensify Elements, allowing you to chain two durations of Inetnsify Elements together (so basically you get a 50% damage buff for 30 seconds, instead of the intended 15 seconds).

    Has anyone else come across this before?

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    Yeah, kinda old news.

    What's even more scary is stormcaller and necro damage debuff enhancers stacking. Get a group of 5 stormcallers together and go rift stomping. Try not to wet your pants laughing at the electrified stacks.
    Red ball + fulminate + really craptacular dom/pyro spec trying to hard cast transmog and pray your spell lands before some squirrel punching moron eats your controlled opp proc = +1 board warrior keeping mages from being realistically balanced in PVE or PVP. 1.0-1.2's best combo in the game. RIP FOTM Pyro rollers

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