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Thread: Nerf PVP Pyros, not PVE Pyros

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    Default Nerf PVP Pyros, not PVE Pyros

    Okay. We all know Pyros need nerfed, but the problem is, as a Pyro in PVE we don't need nerfed.

    Our AOE DPS is lovely, just how it should be. But our single target DPS is lower than rouges - how it should be.

    The problem is, people are crying, "Nerf Cinder Burst and Fulminate"

    Well I have a problem with that when I PVE.

    The problem is that with Cinderburst and fulminate is that the Archmage Soul adds soo much damage to our attacks that they can 1 shot somebody. Like the "+100% Damage to next spell" on top of the 15& spell damage, on top of all the valor gear and class buffs.

    With buffs in WFs I can do 4k Fulm, 2.5k CB respectively, where I stand. (I am not valor geared out)

    If I am playing regular. Right now on a Boss I Fulminate hit it for 3500 and CB does like 2K. Now that does not seem OP to me in the slightest bit. With that I can get pretty good DPS (Around 700+) on a mob where I don't have to move.

    Should mages be able to crit higher than rouges? Yes.

    Should we be able to out DPS them? I dont think so.

    I also find that fact that Pyros were never to be found OP until 1.1 but the truth is, no one discovered how lovely GoS is until 1.1 lol. Mages barely got any damage buffs. (4% damage I think)

    Yes our armor value effectively got doubled, but it is still GoS + A pocket Healer that makes pyros way OP.

    With the GoS, maybe a fix is "Healing Recieved while in GoS is reduced"

    lower the stun times on GoS. or something.

    But don't nerf the pyro where you debalanced out the PVE.

    And I usually never do Pyro in PVP. I love my Chloro and playing it, so no I don't do cheap **** with my Pyro.
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    This is my main concern, it's that pyros in PVE are already considered by most to be 'second class', and a nerf is going to hinder their pve viability even further.

    Fixing bug exploits like 1h/2h wielding, getting rid of the power ball, and correcting the additive math stacking will not only fix pyros, but will bring other classes that abuse those things in line before the next FOTM exploit comes around the bend.
    Red ball + fulminate + really craptacular dom/pyro spec trying to hard cast transmog and pray your spell lands before some squirrel punching moron eats your controlled opp proc = +1 board warrior keeping mages from being realistically balanced in PVE or PVP. 1.0-1.2's best combo in the game. RIP FOTM Pyro rollers

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