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Thread: 51 Warlock viable in endgame PvE?

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    Default 51 Warlock viable in endgame PvE?

    I have been testing a 51 point warlock build with 5 points in necro for +5% death damage and necrosis, and 10 points in dominator for improved CC, +10% int, and memory wipe. It has been really frustrating since empowered darkness has not been working properly in groups, but it's getting fixed today, so I am wondering if anyone else will be trying out a similar spec.

    I'm sure my dps isn't as insane as some of the other hybrid builds, but it is pretty decent and it's a really comfortable build for my play style. Basically I keep defile up at all times other than when empowered darkness is no longer on cooldown. Let me know your thoughts, thanks.

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    I play a a 51 lock with the rest in chloro it works well . I do decent damage with my dots and when my cooldowns are on I use the chloro spells does decent damage and helps me heal up. I have 0 pts in dom for the squirrel. I like the aoe on the lock great for rifting.

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