Some Mage feedback, not really going to try and make this a thread to sell anything, just feedback for the devs mainly.

- Chloros end talents kind of suck. Wild Growth is heavily situational, and is only useful for some quick heals during fights where everyone is grouped together. Empathic Bond never gives back more then 10-20% at best, and just can't compare to how good Living Shell is at mana regen. Essence Surge doesn't even sound good on paper, it brings someone back to full, but takes us out of healing for 12 seconds, which damns the group even further, its better to just let the person dying die, and then combatrez/bloom them then to use this ability.

-Chloros end skills kind of suck. Living Energy is great for Warriors/Rogues, and Natural Splendor is pretty nice for Greenscale and getting the entire Raid back to full, but the rest kind of suck. Void Life doesn't heal nearly enough due to being an AoE, and while the damage is nice, why is our 51 point talent a massive aoe rather then something useful like all the other Souls? Corrosion and Blight are both useful, but again, highly situational, and only useful on certain boss fights.

-Not many things Chloros can put points in, we can either do cookie cutter 30Lock, or we can put some points in Archon for better buffs. Only problem being that once you hit Greenscale, you will be 30Lock since your Raid will have a dedicated 51 Archon anyway. Would be nice to have some reasons to put points in other trees at all. Maybe some boosts to the Necro Heals, or having them work better with Lifeveil.

-Wish we had a side Synthesis that only got 50% of our heals or something, and maybe even reduced healing on the mt when its up. Several fights have strats involving two tanks, and its currently impossible for a Chloro to main heal these as Bloom/Flourishs cooldowns are to high. Not wanting some superpowered easy to keep up two people kind of thing, just would be nice if we could throw up a second Synth that reduced healing on the main Synth but allowed us to heal two targets at once, would make these fights less annoying for a Chloro, maybe a good top tier skill.

-Would really like some more utility in terms of class. Right now we have Chloro, which can be MH but is usually relegated to OH, Archon, which only one person needs to be, and is a Support, and then alright DPS, but really only good AoE dps in Raids, Rogues are better at single target so eh. Would be extremely nice to have some sort of Arcane Warrior tree that allowed us to tank at the cost of spellcasting, similar to the Clerics Mein of Leadership. Wouldn't be much of a MT in raids/x, but could still be really useful for offtanking when needbe.