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Thread: Stormcaller - Elementalist builds in detail

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    Default Stormcaller - Elementalist builds in detail

    There are alot of these threads rolling around, the problem is they have no structure. So let's try this:

    1) Link build (level 50)

    2) Rotation (please use full name for abilities so its not a page of abbreviations - we want people to understand the first time they read it)

    3) Parse Data statistics (DPS, crit %, etc)

    4) Your stats (Int, Spell Power, Focus, Spell Crit, etc) for comparison

    5) Thoughts and comments (mana upkeep problems, threat pulling off tank, synergy points, etc)

    Anyone using macros (with the full knowledge that this build tends to be macro unfriendly) post those as well if you would.

    Hopefully this will help both cut down on these threads, and be easily understood for newer members.
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