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Thread: L50 Mage Build Advice

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    Default L50 Mage Build Advice

    Hi Guys,

    On my L50 mage, I have 3 builds (and looking for a fourth)
    (1) Necro 34, Warlock 32, Dom 0 -- For farming, sure Phyro has better DPS, but pets are easy
    (2) Chloro 32, Warlock 34, Dom 0 - For Raid Healing (someone else is full Archon)
    (3) Archon 51, Warlock 15, Dom 0 - For Raids Buff (I am full Archon)

    So now I am looking for a fourth build for Expert Instance runs where you can't effort to have someone full Archon, so if I am the main healer (or dps and switch to backup healer for the bosses) I can help out more with extra buffs.
    (4) I want it to be Chloro 32 Archon 34, Dom 0 or something like that.

    Anyone got some Chloro/Archon builds they can link me?
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    I think you have the right idea man! The Chloro/Archon spec is a super support spec that increases everyones damage, healing, and provides back up heals and such. You won't rock the DPS meter but you will make everyone int he group love you and feel like a Baller.

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    sticking the archmage soul in the third slot for "break-free" at 0 points is useful in my opinion. Since we really don't CC when chloro anyway.
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