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Thread: Mages are op it makes the class boring

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    Default Mages are op it makes the class boring

    Im lv 27 i use chrolo/lock for leveling heres how i play

    1. Gather 8 or so mobs im about dead
    2. Cast bloom
    3.cast radiant spores
    4.Cast devouring shadows x2/3
    5. Bloom again (almost dead by now)
    6. Cast MORTALITY
    7. Loot

    Mortality is so op it needs a 5 min CD instead of its 1 min CD
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    Funny you say this. Before patch I played everyday 4-5 hours even after hitting 50 and getting rank6.

    1.1 drops, I've been taming more wolves in Minecraft than playing RIFT.
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    And yet, this isn't all that efficient. It's not even all that impressive as aoe grinding goes, my warrior is better at it than my mage. (Yes, even post nerf.)

    But honestly, chain pulling smaller groups as a necro/lock is faster than either. 2-3 mobs at a time, no downtime, faster kills, no real set up involved or use of cooldowns.

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    You could do this pre-1.1 without even using Mortality, you only needed it if you messed up something.

    It's far away from being op and absolutely nothing to what riftblade/reavers could do pre-nerf.

    And it's just farming, so who's hurt anyway?
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