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Thread: Prefer chloro to cleric healing in pvp

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    Default Prefer chloro to cleric healing in pvp

    Am I the only one who prefers healing as chloro in WFs instead of a cleric. Maybe I dont have as many burst heals but I almost always get top heals for my team and close to top for DPS. I dont have to mirco manage individual heals I can just nuke the hell out of someone and watch the number fly. My only complaint is that were rather squishy. Thoughts?
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    Chloro as an alt healer is fine, but the lack of reliable on demand heals i means that you are nowhere near a cleric in actual PvP healing. YOu will have good numbers tho because most of your heals are passive due to LGV, as long as you are near your team, your numbers are fine. But you aren't going to save too many peeps from dying, just not enough reliable on-demand heals.
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    Scoreboard numbers clearly mean everything.

    (They don't)
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    This thread screams, " I'm glad healing is getting nerfed..now please dont quit healing us."

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