I'm a lvl 40 Necro/Warlock. It's not a major player in PVP, it's not amazing in any way, but I love it. I won't change to playing a Pyro just because they have crazy dmg output and I wont change my character for the flavor of the week build. I get owned constantly by Rogues, which I think is the way it should be. I wish for a few changes such as an insta Fear which is really the only chance I have against someone who gets the jump on me.

However, all of the mage forums are focused on the dmg output of the Pyro and I'm really tired of seeing it. I'm tired of reading about "mage this, mage that" when it's one Soul that is creating the hysteria.

I think the Necro/Lock could be better, but I'd really hate to see my character who I already feel is a bit underwhelming be nerfed because of so many Pyro flames.

That's all.

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