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Thread: Pr6 Spec

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    Default Pr6 Spec

    im considering 3 specs for when i hit Pr6 or GoS/Pyro gets nerfed - whichever comes first.

    This is one im considering but ive got limited experience with domi at this time so im looking for some friendly input.

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    I did a DOM heavy spec for a while when 50 BGs were jsut getting started and it was a blast. Can't say my DPS was impressive (heck neither was my gear at the time) but the playstyle and team synergy was awesome. Left the Dom heavy spec for Pyro/Dom until R2. Haven't really looked at DOM since, but would be willing to bet it is a blast to play.
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    I'd take the points out of imp Charged Shield and finish off Resilient for the detaunt. If you're on the ball with Dom., it's game-changing.

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