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Thread: Leveling as Archon?

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    Default Leveling as Archon?

    Let me start by asking that we keep the whole mage/warrior flame war out of this, I spend enough time trying to convince my own class that it's not a three-legged deer because a few abilities that were an insignificant part of any decent player's skillset were nerfed

    Alright, so, actual thread -- My guild has 19 warriors and 8 mages, more than half of which are chloros -- so, hoping to ease the saturation a bit by slowing towards the less populated arena

    first of all my end game build likely going to primarily be 51/15/0 -- Archon/Chloro/Dom (Though I'm open to changes on the last two souls, synthesis + ruin/bloom seems like it'd be decent for spike healing in a pinch) -- though I am not looking to top dps charts, more be a support mage akin to a bard.. so as long as i'm not healing half as much as a bard and doing less dps.. should be fine.

    However, I had this idea a couple weeks ago and leveled to 23, just uh, I went as necro/lock and.. necro/lock bores me to death "Send pet in, dot, soul purge, life tap, repeat ad nauseum" -- so I kind of quit it from being bored -- however, since the mage class has received a significant buff recently -- I was curious, has leveling as an archon become more viable.. if not, any non necro/lock builds that can level at a comparable rate?

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    Arch/ele worked fine for me. Kills slightly slower than pyro/ele but nothing significant. I haven't tried it after 30 due to the whole pet scaling thing but I would assume if you picked up greater elementals it would still be effective.

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