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Thread: Elementalist / Necro ... what a silly idea.

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    Default Elementalist / Necro ... what a silly idea.

    ...yet I'm quite happy with it. =P

    Built this for my soloing fix: ZAM calculator
    This is no contender for "best build ever", just the way I like to solo.

    The necro soul is used for FD, Soul Purge (works fine on elementals), Necrosis, Consumption and sometimes Reclaim Power. (when no charge is available for the Elementalist mana regen)

    The rest is practically full Elementalist which provides a sturdier pet and some decent AOE that the necro is lacking.

    Earth pet aggro (especially AE) has substantially improved with 1.1 so this has become viable again.
    With multiple targets I use Necrosis quite often because it's a nice, stackable 400 DPS DoT.
    (yes, around 650 damage total, 1.5 sec spent on casting it)
    It's a very nice instant charge builder, considering the actual damage.

    Other than that, burn, burn, burn. Add Ignite and Lightning for flavour and charge to fuel the flamethrower.
    While Ignite is generally a waste of mana, it builds charge and helps the pet keep aggro.

    Looming Demise and Essence Link are kept on hand purely as debuffs. That's only a few % but less damage taken means drawing less aggro by healing the pet.

    When I feel like buffing up for an elite / boss fight, I can always employ a nearby trash mob to grab the Archon buffs.
    One point is still unspent.
    I could put it towards Archont for +1% fire damage but choose not to because that gives me the option to switch Archont for Dominator without a (pet destroying) role change... on the fly. =)

    On the whole it's a really stupid idea to mix 2 pet classes and some points are completely wasted.
    Too bad. I'm loving it.
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    This looks great. I have been using a Necro/Chloro but this looks solid. Gonna give it a try. My mage is only level 26 but this has alot of potential.

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