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Thread: Brand New Player - LF advice

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    Default Brand New Player - LF advice

    Hi everyone. I just picked up RIFT as of yesterday, haven't even gotten to play it yet, and I was hoping for some opinions on first classes. I've played a few MMOs, so I don't see a problem with mechanics in the near future, but maybe you guys could recommend a fun starting class? There are so many options to choose from and I do intend to try at least all the main types. However, I know, for the most part, that I enjoy a ranged class with potential group utility (other than dps), and perhaps even a pet class, as those are always fun.
    I was considering elementalist to start, since it is ranged with a pet to back me up. What would you guys recommend, or, better question, what types do you guys have fun playing?
    Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance!

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    If you like pets, try necromancer. Most of its spells and abilities center around either improving their damage or using them as a mana battery. Either way, there's more fluid behavior between a necromancer and its pet than an elementalist and its pet.

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