Greetings everyone, i just would like to give a kinda feedback and wanted to start a discussion on mage calling. I will simply put some ideas to improve and make some skills more useful, and want to hear your ideas. This is my first post in forums and im sorry if any1 else mentioned these before, so there we go


- First of all rune shield is not working, no matter at how much charge you have it always says "Ability Disabled".

- Detaunt shouldn't break on already active self-cast aoe dmg spells like Corrosion or should cancel such spells.

- Lethargy isn't stacking properly most of the time, i think the duration should be taken to 7 seconds, dmg can get a boost as well as higher cost.

-Phase Shift should be able to be cast while silenced and stunned to make it variable.


- In patch notes Radiant Spores proc rate is lowered to %16, but our healing is really keen on this one and i believe reducing the healing provided instead of reducing the proc rate is a better solution.

-All of the dmging abilities takes high cast time and which makes really hard to land a spell in Warfronts especially when people focus you. The casting time of these abilities should be lowered by 0.5 second and mana // dmg adjustments can be made. Considering Chloro healing mostly depends on dmg this would help us greatly besides if the target dies within 2.5 sec cast your time is wasted. Not to mention cast-slowing effects

-Healing Slipsteam should reduce the base cast time of Bloom and Flourish to make mentioned spells to be instant when you are effected with cast slowing effects.

-Entropic Veil doesnt make real use when you cannot deal damage regularly and in warfonts you are mostly running around, which makes this buff to be useful for 2-3 spells in best cases. I think Entropic Veil should increase the dmg of next x spells for each xx charge consumed. This should make it more useful.

-Stream of Reclamnations chance to proc radiant spores should be 5 secons.


I didint try out full elementalist soul but only thing would nice is :

- Ice Shields absorbtion should scale with spell power or any other mage stat. Doesnt have to be absorbtion, maybe cooldown or something else but its effectiveness should improve as the mages stats improve.


- Quick Thinking shouldt fade on instant cast spells.


-Mortality might suffer less from pushbacks.


-Faint Death is a deep talent in necromancer tree, to make it useful in pvp the players targeting the mage should lose their targets as if the target dies.

Than you for reading and discussing ideas. I mostly played chloro and my ideas were mostly on it.