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Thread: Main Choro/Dom/Ele build advice

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    Default Main Choro/Dom/Ele build advice

    Still under 20 here, just doing a bit of theorycrafting and "what if" thinking... Having said that, how viable is this non-Warlock/Archon healing build for solo PVE, rifts/invasions, group instances/dungeons, and PVP, in that order?

    33 Chloro / 17 Dom / 16 Ele http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...dIuqhcko.Vtczo

    What are some suggestions for level 20 and level 35, trying to get as many benefits from the Dom/Ele sub specs while keeping the main focus on healing? Thanks.

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    To get an idea of how I'm approaching this build, here's how I break down the benefits that Dominator and Elemental Summoner give to the main Chloro build.

    Chloro/Dom/Ele 33/17/16

    INT: +33%
    BC: +5% crit
    EL: -10% dmg reduction to mage
    SA: +495 armor
    RiN: +end (by 21% of INT)

    PL: heal/bene debuff (60% chance to silence)
    AP: AoE silence, consumes charge
    WG: AoE heal + snare

    DPS buff/burst
    CO: +50% dmg after CC
    EV/EV5: +19% dmg, consumes charge
    Exposure: +7% dmg for 30 secs
    (macro: CO + EV/EV5 + Exposure = +76% dmg after CC while charge lasts)
    LS/Charged: +15% dmg/crit chance to LS (stackable with above?)

    Mana Wrench: return 3% mana/sec for 6 seconds (18% in combat)
    Revitalize: return 15% mana/sec (out of combat, consumes charge)
    Living Shell: return 2% mana/sec for 30 sec (in combat)
    Empathic Bond: return mana, 10% of dmg dealt to synth ally

    Transmog/QF: instant, 8% mana cost, -25% resist rate (1 target)
    Encase: 1.5s cast root for 12s, no CD (1 target)

    OH **** moments
    Sacrifice: kill pet for heal on mage (for +25% of mage max health)
    IS: 160 dmg shield

    As you can see, this build is aimed more for pet tanking and CC and mage survivability, while still being a strong healer...

    All criticisms are welcome, I'm still L2P...

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    I wrote up this nice long post, Detailing my build and its uses, But I apparently took so long the forums timed out my login and lost it all. >_<

    I'll just link the build and if you guys wnat to deconstruct it in the way you did prior, feel free, wasted enough time on the first post that got lost in the nethers of the net!
    I will say simply this.
    My build focuses more on the Dominator, Becuase I love the class. (Coming from EQ Enchanter, I'm not overly concerned with dealing the Most Damage, nor Healing the Most, But simply combining Aboslute Utility, with a moderate supply of damage/healing.)

    Now, the build I'm going to post is Dom/Chloro/Lock, But it can be exchanged easilly enough for Ele, as Ele is the least points in my build, not dom or chloro.


    Both imo aren't actually that bad, but with only 11 in Ele, instead of 26 for the 2nd pet, your pet is gimped out at level 30 when your at level 50. Which almost negates the entire reason for going Ele.
    However you still get some nice Dmg reduction/dmg absorbing abilities that no healer or even support should think low of.

    Storm Shackle/Microburt are actually better than they apear. But it does require you to 'kite' the mob/player in some fashion.

    the site I linked, shows it does 239 damage. (AoE)
    Microburst reduces the 'dmg' that 'bursts' on the target to 119. But, with microburst, it can proc a total of 3 times. or 357 damage.
    Thats 150% dmg to that spell, if it procs all 3 times. (in PvP no big deal)
    use that in conjuntion with Haunting Accelerated Decay you'll have snared there movement by 50% for 9 seconds, And reduced there spell casting speed/melee speed by 25%.
    Haunting Pain on a non-moving target, is a nice dot.

    And you got an array of Silences, Reflects, an AoE Confuse, Confuse that boosts mana regen/DPS, (potentially) Split Personality for 3 shades dealing 60dmg shadow bolt nukes for 30s, 3m CD (1M with points, and instant cast instead of 2.5s.) In pvp, split personality tends to result in people NOT targeting you as they think you are a pet.
    On the other side, you got life giving viel, living shell, sac life: mana; Faster charge generation, 10% chance of instant cast nuke, Several heals, AoE Radiant Spores, and Dots up the wazoo.

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