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Thread: Question of healing proc from planar essences

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    Default Question of healing proc from planar essences

    I was wondering if these healing procs will go off from necro/locks heals, such as essence link, soul purge, radiant spores, warlock armor, life leech.

    Does anyone know which ones will proc the heal form the greater essences? Is it worth getting? Being a primary necro/lock I already have so much heals it is awesome, I would like to add to it if possible.

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    yes, it proc's from essence link, radient spores, soul purge, life leech, and the necro heals

    it does not proc from warlock's armor
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    Anything that has a "... heals <target> for..." in the spell description is a "healing" spell.

    The essence also can proc off any spell cast while you have Living Veil up.

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