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Thread: Damage buffs don't fix the class

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    Default Damage buffs don't fix the class

    The latest patch notes indicate an increase in mage damage and reduction in casting pushback.

    While buffs are always nice, it doesn't at all address the fundamental flaw in the class. I never felt that my mage needed an increase in damage.

    The problem (PvP and PvE solo grinding) is that most of the mage's key skills require long cast times.

    It worked in Warcraft because stuns, silence and knockback effects were very limited. The most a person could hope to do is interrupt one or two casted spells in a ~30 second period.

    This is far from the case in Rift. Most trees have a plethora of interrupt-type abilities. Some classes can generate interrupts something like every 8 seconds, making a mage almost completetly useless.

    A buff to damage is far less impressive than it seems, at least in PvP, because anything but instant spells are very difficult to successfully cast unless the mage is totally left alone.

    I would much rather have damage left alone and cast times reduced for key abilities, or a very significant improvement in tools available to mages to subvert interrupts/stuns/knockbacks. 2.5 second casts are laughable in Rift PvP against any kind of competent opponent, yet most of the mage trees depend on these long casts to compete.
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