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Thread: Quick Necro/lock question

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    Default Quick Necro/lock question

    I am xp'g up my mage and I am around lvl 25 right now. I mostly start with life leech then immediatly follow up with necrosis. Then a void bolt and dark touch right after to get 3 dots going. Normally then I just pop void bolt and a draining bolt if it is up or recharge one of the 2 dots as every void bolt recharges life leech. I was wondering if this is the general strategy or if there is some more efficient way of going about killing things? I seem to have very little dificulty killing 1-2 at the same time and just grinding away. My points are mostly spread equally between the two trees. I use my Stalwart pet and he seems to do fine for the most part.

    My questions come in to using the void bolt or possibly plague bolt instead to get some stacks on the enemy for added pet dmg? Void just seems to hit so much harder and faster with the reduced casting time. Any thoughts on a more efficient way to build and or chain powers would be appreciated. I am still trying to learn all the ins and outs of this game. Been playin for two weeks only

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    im my humble opinion, void bolt is better. however, there are vaild situations whereby plauge bolt works out well to. tbh the difference whilst levelling isnt a game breaker.

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