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Thread: Archon/Pyromancer Viability?

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    Default Archon/Pyromancer Viability?

    Other than Warlock/XXX being shown to be effective for either healing or general DPS, has anyone tested something along these lines? With the Power in Numbers now working properly, you get 16% damage boost instead of 8%, Fire Armor + Ground of Power add 20% damage, which is the same as warlock talents, and between All the synergy between fire in Archon/Pyro can this build stand up to doing decent DPS? Mana issues aren't a problem thanks to Archon abilities. You get the intelligence boosts from Pillaging Stone & Rock Slide and Flaring Intellect. Also, between Ignition and Speed in numbers, your firebolts are down to 1.8s from a 2.5s cast. Improved Fireball adding a substantial amount of critical damage also is giving a nice dps boost.

    I imagine the cast cycle would go along the lines of this (after prebuffing):

    Earthen Barrage
    Flame Bolt
    Volcanic Bomb
    Leeching Flames
    Flame Bolt

    Internalize Charge/Power Drain. You can still toggle these on/off during casts to conserve charge and still provide the bonuses if I remember correctly (Power Drain you could as of yesterday last I tested).

    Repeat. Heat Wave whenever you feel like finishing off the boss. Or early on if the fight lasts more than 3 minutes. Could just try doing the damage buffs + Fireball spam too, as it seems DoTs are hardly effective enough if you have a spell you can turret spam. Saves on the effort of hitting 12 different keys all the time when the DPS difference is so minor, but they're good for fights with mobility.

    I'll probably DPS test this when I am next able to play Rift, but wondering if anyone else had similar thoughts about a build like this:


    You still get team utility in the form of several AOEs, disables, and your own blink to save yourself from just about anything.

    Really hoping to move away from Warlock/Everything since it's nice for the game not to become cookie cutter after three weeks.
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    I agree. Pyro/Archon sounds like a great spec to me.

    Honestly the talk about Warlock to 30 is the only spec it ridiculous. Sure nice damage bonus, but IMO you are missing out on going higher in your 'main' soul - and the spells you get often have better DPS than the 20%(30%) gain from dumping your points into Warlock.

    Granted, Warlock does have some great health/life/mana spells. So yeah, Warlock is still a great second soul, and putting 30pts in to it is never a bad idea.

    But your spec looks good to me. The improved Archon shield buff sounds great. Combine that with the Pyromancers shield for fun (stacking concerns).


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    i love archon/pyro, tho my spec is a little different. Since archon spells are mostly fire based, taking advantage of pyromancer armor is a must. for me anyways.


    Thats how id go,, maybe take the 2 points out of rockslide and leeching flames and drop them into exhiliration for 2% mana back per crit.

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