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Thread: Need help on lvling spec

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    Default Need help on lvling spec

    Hello guys first of i know that theres been alot of posts about this but im now 35 and im starting to see that my tanking pet in necro is becomeing realy bad at holding agro so im wondering if theres any other spec thats faster lvling then necro/lock spec and if so could u guys please link one

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    Apparently, necro/warlock is considered to be the best leveling spec... however, I dislike it...

    I tried many different builds, I'm lvl 32 now and I decided I'm having the most fun playing a stormcaller for aoe damage...

    Problem you have with your pet is universal for all mage pets - they don't hold aggro well, but I don't need the pet to hold aggro as stormcaller, I just need a pet to grab mobs and get them into one spot where I will annihilate them with aoe spells - without a pet I cant do that efficiently, but sending pet to 1 mob, then another and finnaly into the third which groups them up is all I need my pet to do

    Works wonders for me, and is mega fun. Necro/warlock will make sure you don't die or have downtime, but for me, it's a very boring build. SC/Elementalist ftw!

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    Necro/lock/chloromancer i believe. I have been looking around for a exact build as well
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