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Thread: Some Initial Feedback on 1.1

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    Default Some Initial Feedback on 1.1

    Disclaimer: My 50 was on Omega so I could not test the mage changes fully and had to start at level 1.

    Anyway, I was, and still am to some degree, a big skeptic to the mystery changes that 1.1 would bring. As many mage players will note, leveling on a mage then going back to a rogue or warrior is like day and night. Things just seem to keel over and die whenever you play one of the latter 2 classes and they take much longer to kill on a mage. And, yes, all things die quickly in the tutorial and in silverfall, but they seemed to die much faster and my mana seemed to go much further than it did before. I can only hope that it stays that way in the upper levels, so overall I am pleased. (for those wondering, my initial souls for this run were Chloro/Elem/Warlock.)

    I found Withering Vines to actually be useful at rank one, healing my pet for about 6 damage per tick up from about 2-4 from when my mage started on live. The pet, unfortunately, is still about as sturdy as a piece of wet toilet paper and hits for the same damage as withering vines does.... >.>;

    One thing I still do not particularly like:

    Radiant Spores really does not seem worth the cast now. Yeah, yeah, in a few levels I can boost it from 10% to 16% but... I ran the initial rift event 10 times and during the final fight on Regulos where the NPCS, my pet, and such all beat on him, I could count the total number of times Radiant Spores proc'd on one hand. It averaged about 3 times over the 10 fights with one fight where it did not proc at all on any of the NPCs, myself or my pet. (and you know when it procs because you can hear the little ding sound and it will tell you in your combat log which I watched for).

    Granted this is not a super way to test it out, but for my current level and the general lack of rifts on Alpha due to the population, it was the best way to really give it a try. I also tested it for 20 kills around Divine Landing with just casting Radiant Spores and Withering Vines and seeing how often it would proc on either myself or my pet. 20/40 times, it did not proc once on either of us 14/20 times it proc'd only once and the remaining 6 times it proc'd 2 times in the 15 second window. (most mobs took 2 casts and 30 seconds to kill in this manner without me nuking much. If the mob was alive after 2 casts of Radiant Spores, I finished it off)

    Overall, I am relieved somewhat that my pessimism was just that. But I would rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. I may resub, but I would like to see these changes at level 50 if the leveling merchant ever gets put back on Alpha or I can transfer. >.>

    If it's any consolation to other mages, when I was playing, the Sabs were really upset with their changes... >.>;

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    Wow 45% proc down to 16% on Radiant Spores is pretty big.

    Poor Chloros, you can't solo heal all the non expert dungeons like Clerics can, you can't cleanse like clerics can, you can't put up absorbs like clerics can, you can't survive like clerics can, you can't stay perma turned away to avoid silences and just keep on healing like clerics can. And now your going to be healing for even less. :/

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