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Thread: My Mage feedback thread.

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    Post My Mage feedback thread.

    Firstly let me say that I am not looking for debate or replies with this thread, this is for TRION

    Mage Healing is fine.

    Mage aoe dps is fine.

    Mage single target dps is slightly nerfed, please bring into line with other ST souls.

    Mage burst dps is fine.

    Mage survivability is a little weak, one stun and without big heals your dead 80%+ of times before the stun/cc rain ends.

    Little work on the mage pvp soul would also be lovely. Slight point reduction for some 5point abilities.

    Other than that mage is an excellent and versatile class and I enjoy it a lot for pvp and pve.

    Good job TRION and all who serve, thanks for reading this.
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    Agree with most, but not this

    @Mage burst dps is fine

    Am I playing Rift?

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