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Thread: OK with rune shield being disabled

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    Default OK with rune shield being disabled

    Perfectly fine with Trion disabling rune shield, it was kinda broken, but for the love of god replace it with an offense ability.

    Some suggestions I would have:

    - High damage Instant nuke with 45 second cooldown.
    - Burn Armor Dot (results in fire damage based on armor person has)
    - Charge to Damage % increase. Based on the amount of charge you have multiples your next damage spell. To avoid not being abused by already big damage spells this would be limited to spells under x amount of damage.

    No more channels or cast abilities PLLLEEEAAASSEE. This is a pvp ability!

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    It was only disabled so they could fix it. It will likely be back tomarrow.
    Red ball + fulminate + really craptacular dom/pyro spec trying to hard cast transmog and pray your spell lands before some squirrel punching moron eats your controlled opp proc = +1 board warrior keeping mages from being realistically balanced in PVE or PVP. 1.0-1.2's best combo in the game. RIP FOTM Pyro rollers

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