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Thread: Necro/Pyro

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    Default Necro/Pyro

    Iv been toying with different soul combinations. Very odd ones that not many people (if any) would even try. I stopped at Nec/Pyro and its pretty fun. 44nec/22pyro. Works really well together, can choose to either use fireball or plague bolt if you need DC for your pet.

    Get an unreakable instant root, the fire aoe, flicker, 30% less stun/silence duration on you, disarm, int buff and pyromancer armor. The only fire abilities i really use is the instant ones after my necromancer instants are on my target.

    Wasn't sure if i should share my spec since alot of my opponents rarely think i have the pyromancer tools with my nec minion out. Its great, but I thought id share it for the mage community anyways.
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