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Thread: Charged Field / Lightning Field

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    Default Charged Field / Lightning Field

    Last night I leveled up and got enough SC points for Charged Field. Does the multihit proc on every cast or is there only a chance for it to hit? I was spamming Forked Lightning until I had three Electrified charges, but as I used Lightning Field I did not see the Electrified counter drop on every cast. Is this correct? I was trying it on lower level mobs, maybe I was killing one of the two before I started using LF.


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    Was more than one target electrified when you used Lightning Field?

    It will properly remove charges when you are hitting multiple targets / Lightning Field at once.

    And the damage from it isn't actually instant, maybe half a second before the secondary bounces go off.

    Could be you were killing stuff too soon.
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    Only activates when their are 2 or more targets with electrified on them you can tell when it is working when electrified get removed.

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    Pretty much each target has to have at least 1 eletrify effect on them or it won't chain to them. 4 targets is the optimum damage for it though haven't fully tested if all the charged hit at once on a big group with lighting storm. With 4 targets all with 3 eletrify effects charged field will do 3 more lighting fields worth of damage to those targets plus the original lighting field if your lighing field hits for 500 then you just did 2k to all 4 targets more if one or more is effected by ice shear with talents which if you have a boss with couple adds you should do to the boss making your 2k to boss be more like 3k.

    2 Targets only 1 electrify removed
    3 Targets 2 eletrify removed
    4 Targets all eletrify removed
    5-10 target Depends on which ones get hits by 3 charged fields or not.

    IMO this is the most important Area damage skill for SC as you build up 3 stacks in 4.5 seconds and nuke them all gone in one gcd instant that does 4 times damage now at that point. Throw in hailstorm or arctic blast to add damage with talent for the 3 forks and ice shear for bosses with talents. Can use with lighting storm for a 6 second build up for more then 4 targets.

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