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Thread: Help I have 4 thumbs and a couple of Pinkies

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    Default Help I have 4 thumbs and a couple of Pinkies

    I am not gifted in the ways of being an mmo master. I put in the time, the skill is what it is however. I am looking for a spec that does well leveling. I am currently a 25 Chloro/Warlock/Necro. I heal instances and non stop pull mobs in pve quests. Although i have little down time I kill slowly. I like my mage, but remember my leveling from the riftblade, which was considerably faster.

    Know its been posted here before I just cant find it. What is the best DPS build with decent survivablity for a mid level toon?

    Simple answers please ex. 25 pyro/8 Elemental/ Dominator

    Thanks for reading this


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    ummm max out necro and put the rest in warlock.

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