little background...I have a 36 mage, 36 rogue, and 35 cleric. I started with the mage and got it to 29 and got bored with necro soul purge leveling. A friend started playing on I rerolled a cleric to duo with him till 30 and was blown away at the difference between Inquisitor cleric and necro/lock mage.

The Inquisitor is very similar play style to the mage except with talented healing Vex and chain armor and great heals from sent soul there is no comparison in survivability and ease of play. the cleric just blows the mage away

but dang it I'm determined to play my mage and make it fun so I respec'ed a bunch and trying different souls and couldn't find something i was happy with.

I didn't want to have a pet after 30 level's of nerco. I tried 13 in choro for aoe radient spores but it just feel right with a heavy lock sub spec. I tryed stormcaller/choro and it was fun but mana usage was not and single target was slow.

finally i found what I had been looking for with 11 in Archon for Leeching Flames and the rest in warlock like so

I would recommend not using this spec till 32 (30 earliest) because you need maxed warlock armor and leeching flames to kill fast enough to surpass necro pet and soul purge builds.

the rotation is simple and effective

Single target is best but we all know adds jump in often and this build can handle 2 or 3 at best


Life Leech -> Leeching Flames if not on cooldown/other wise Searing Vitality -> Void Bolt spam till dead

what no Dark Touch? no. dot's are a waste of time single target. however casting searing vitality is ok because it buff's you and the dot time span is short (10 sec's vs Dark Touch 16 secs) and the mob will be dead usually before it's done ticking

this build relies on Life Leech to even out the incoming damage you take and does that surprising well along with the heal's from warlock armor and the buff's from Archon I can chain kill 9-10 mobs and stay full on mana then Reconstruct and keep right killing. since you don't have to worry about mana or charge while grinding you'll stay full charge for Reconstruct

I timed single target kill speed from level 30-35 and it's around 8 seconds per mob depending on Opportunity proc's which happen alot. I've seen chain procs 4-5 in a row. enough to allow me to instant cast fear and Reconstruct or instant cast Transmogrify or instant cast Life Leech on new mob. but really just use them on more Void Bolts that do great damage and crit alot thanks to all the points in warlock soul

I use 2 macro's

#show Void Bolt
cast Draining Bolt
cast Void Bolt


#show Leeching Flames
cast Leeching Flames
cast Searing Vitality

Sorry so long winded but I waited to explain best I could the build that was so fun that leveled me from 30 to 35 in one night's play time including main healing Kings Breach with a heavy choro spec! I love choro but only for instances

my build's goal is 51 in warlock but that my change at higher level's and no pvp advice with it since i don't pvp.

thanks for reading!