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Thread: Flicker

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    Default Flicker

    I know many of you are having trouble with melee and CC in general, and I am here to stress the impact of Flicker.

    For just 11 points in the Pyromancer tree, you get a spell that

    Breaks all CC except Silences and Mesmerization (Rift Prison, Verse of Fascination, Blind)
    Teleports you forward and out of melee range
    Has a 20 second cooldown.

    Lets compare this to Break Free, from the Archmage Tree that

    Breaks ALL CC
    Is not on GCD
    Has a 5 (3 if talented) minute cooldown.

    Of course, nothing's stopping you from getting both (and saving Break Free for silences or mezzes). I do realize that even with Flicker, there are multiple ways to reach a Mage still, however I have found it infinitely useful in every PvP encounter I have come across. This may be common sense, but still some people might not be using it or have tried it.

    It's just 11 points.
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    You mean people actually pvp as anything other than 51pyro/X/15Archmage?


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