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Thread: Archon and Cholormancer questions

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    Default Archon and Cholormancer questions

    Hi All,

    I have a few questions about Cholromancers and Archons, (these follow the helpful answers I got in my last thread)

    These observations are drawn from these forums, and 2 really good runs of RotF (ie tank marking stuff, marks being followed etc) so not much base knowledge there at all.


    It seems a bit like a WoW shadow priest really, albeit with more healing capacity. By this I mean, I cast my self buff, and nuke away healing everyone. Of course I also have synthesis allowing me to target that healing as well, and of course the small amount of direct heals)

    1. Is that the strategy at end game, buff me, buff the tank and nuke away. If so I am not sure that’s for me, there don’t seem to be too many decisions to take with only two direct heals? (that said did my WoW holy priest, PoH, Coh)


    It seems to be a buffer with some support dps thrown in. thinking mainly a 51 burning purpose Archon here

    1. Is there room for this in end game T1 and T2 5 mans, all I have read suggest these need a main healer and an off healer, so does the Bard fill the “buffer” role better given it brings some healing to the table. If you bring an archon do you end up with only one out and out dps’er, given you have a tank, and main healer and an off healer already)

    I remain torn between Cleric and Mage, (I want to have options to main heal at end game)

    Please keep all “mage broken” comments elsewhere, as by all account Cholromancer and Archon seem to do what they say on tin.

    TLR –
    1. how much thinking is involved in an end game cholormancer or is it just buff and nuke?
    2. Room for 51 pt Archon in T1 and 2 five mans?
    3. am i better with a cleric for a healer?

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    Talking to some of the people I know you do not NEED an off healer just a supporter. Though keep in mind my friends will kick any pug they pick up who refuses to get on vent and follow directions (the way it should be).

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    51 pt archon is actually the best dps in the game right now im fairly certain. its also likely a bug and a terrible way to play the class .

    in a 5 man theres probably room for an archon but i doubt id bring one, itd likely make fights too long unless you were solohealing the instance. typically if theres an archon in a 5 man hes either trucking stuff with burning purpose power drain spam or a chloro/archon hybrid. Every raid should have one 51 pt archon though. Chloros are capable of solohealing pretty much anything in the 5 man content right now and even some of the raid content(looking at you johlen). theyre particularly strong healers as well in the sense that they have nice aoe healing and great tank healing wrapped up into one spell basically. And to top that off in decent gear a chloro can do about half as much dps as a pure dps class in similar gear. 5 mans tend to be really quick when youve basically got 3.5 dps and a tank.

    edit: if you want to heal a cleric may or may not be a better choice. typically you want a mix of chloros and clerics for engame raiding but i feel that more of the 5 man content you would want chloro/bard healing. so although a cleric is capable of both in my personal experience clerics are less desirable for the 5 man dungeons at endgame.
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