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Thread: Other viable pvp specs apart from necro/lock/chloro

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    Default Other viable pvp specs apart from necro/lock/chloro

    Ive re-rolled on another server and are going to start another mage. Just curious bout some other specs people are using for pvp, that are viable and can be used earlier in the game - as tbh the necro/lock/chloro and combos of is good at what it does, as it feels a bit old to me

    Keep your mages are terribads amg nerfz to yourself if thats what you want to add.

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    I'm only a level 40 mage, but I'll give you my opinions based on my experiences and forum lurking

    -35 Lock/31 Necro/0 (either Chloro for some extra heals, domi for squirrel, or Archon for more DPS in instances)
    My leveling/soloing/all around dps spec (I choose domi for the tertiary soul). Gives you very decent survivability via Shadow Life, Neddra's Essence, Soul Purge, and Transmogrify along with one of the strongest PvE DPS specs. Not very useful in WF because the sustained damage nature of the build tends to be out healed by the AoE heals of Chloros and Bards, but a solid world PvP and soling build. This doesn't mean it's useless in WFs, it still does decent damage and is able to do the job, just in a pretty sub-optimal fashion. A nice trick when caught without charge for Soul Purge is to transmogrify your attacker before you DoT them up and spam Essence Link to build up a very significant amount of charge without breaking the CC. A good middle of the road spec IMO.

    -38 Domi/23 Lock/5 Arch
    I love my pure CC classes. Mana drains and debuffs galore. Not a 1v1 or world PvP build, but in group PvP you WILL screw with a healer/casters/dpsers day. Once they realize what you are doing you have to be ready to switch gears from offensive CC to defensive CC to shutdown any attackers coming your way. I like to grab 38 points in Domi for the insta cast 5 second stun, 23 in Lock gives you Shadow Life, very nice passives, a damage debuff in Neddra's Grasp, and an extra 1 second stun for interrupts, while 5 in Arch lets you grab Detaunt. I love this in group PvP, especially pre-mades; it can work in pugs, but your effectiveness will be diminished.

    -34 Chloro/ 32 Lock/ 0 Arch
    Healing spec which lets you grab all the good stuff in the Chloro tree along with all the survivability goodies in the Lock tree. Not much to say, probably no the most efficient PvP healer, but it provides those nice green numbers when you need them.

    -44 Pyro/ 22 Lock/ 0 Arch
    The burst pyro spec. 44 lets you grab GoS so you can set up shop in a nice spot and turret yourself out, 22 lock lets you get Shadow Life (if you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of this spell), and Arch lets you grab your de-root/snare/stun. I can't say much about this spec as I haven't been able to try it myself.

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