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Thread: Charge Mechanics

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    Getting high enough in level now where I have been able to play around with most of the souls' top tier abillities.

    Last night I ground out a couple of levels/did a few warfronts playing high-end dominator.

    I primarily play chloro/lock as I like to heal, but I found the Dom's CC abilities really to be some of the only skills so far that I enjoyed and matched my playstyle as far as damage dealing. I've played high end lock, chloro, pyro and SC all extensively.

    My question is does anyone else find the charge mechanics of the abilities that 'channel charge' to stay active rather clunky/cumbersome?

    On paper the skills seem great but abilities like Overpowering Will & Reflective Presence just felt really awkward and dont work like they should when you need them to.

    OW was almost always broken instantly and I personally never saw it 'reapply' and RP also didnt seem to do much.

    OW only seems like its ueful in a 1v1 fight or PvE and RP looks great in the tooltip but I really never saw the benefit of using it.

    I did find Arresting Presence to be extremely powerful, as I guess not many people actually put that many points in Dom usually and I was often able to isolate and completely shudown healers in WFs.

    Are there any plans on changin the actual charge mechanics in the works?
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