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Thread: Mage gear progression & looks

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    Default Mage gear progression & looks

    This is my character: http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/m...-22_225213.jpg

    I am in a mix of blue T2 instance gear, purple crafted gear and purple T1 gear.

    The Robe of Flowing Dark is awesome looking!!!! All T2 and T1 gear from the merchant though look really really bad.
    I am a skinny high elf girl, why would I want shoulder pieces twice the sice of a truck?
    The stat increase on T2 gear compared to T1 and crafted is so tiny for mages that I am not sure I will even buy it, considering how aweful they look while offering a small upgrade.
    The robe looks ok, but repeats a design we already had around lvl 20. I am wearing epic gear, shouldnt I look better than at lvl 20?
    Please make more gear like Robe of Flowing dark <3 I love that design, nicest looking piece of gear I ever owned in an MMO.

    Also the look of the raid gear is a big downgrade. The boots are really not nice for female characters and even showing my underpants doesnt make it very sexy looking :P

    Here is a picture of mage T1/T2 gear (on the left) and mage vendor raid gear (on the right side):

    I do realise the game was only released but shoulders & raid gear do look like a choice of design rather than something that will be done later on.

    Introducing Appearance slots would solve the problem very nicely <3
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    I used my first 30 plaques to buy the T1 shoulders, I had a lvl38 blue from RD, didn't think twice about it. Put them on and just sighed. I play an Eth male, height slider all the way left (short), and the middle spikes, not even the tallest ones, are over my head when I have a hood-type helm. I won the feathery-looking epic hat from FC last night, its a small improvement juxtaposed with the set shoulders, but the scaling just seems crazy, IE characters of all sizes and races wear the exact same model? I don't see alot of Bahmi mages in Meridian, throw me a bone and shrink them 30% please

    Personally, I'm just glad the gear seems (so far) to keep getting better instead of nothing but side-grades (coming from LotRO, anyone playing since Moria can attest to this lol), but it would be nice to have a cosmetic setup, or at least the ability to turn off certain pieces.

    While we're complaining about gear, the rare robe from CC regular, quest or drop I'm not sure, looks like a too-short tunic and coupled with certain pants, appears as though you are wearing ***-less chaps. Yeah, dyeing the set would probably fix this, but its worth it for a laugh if you get this piece.
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    It's why we need appearance armor slots. Some of the armor looks good, some looks terrible, this is also going to vary wildly from person to person. Appearance slots or bust!

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