Stay your staves, hostler your totems, it's about time we had some fun.

So yeah, I did like everyone else, I read all that junk about balance, and I also read all those wonderful posts about balance. And I read the whining, and the constructive points too. Yet I didn't find what I wanted : positive stuff. As plain as that.

We play mages. There has to be a reason why, right? Be it for the look, the spells, the playstyle, there's something we like.

i'll say it again : WE - LIKE - MAGES

Seeing nothing like it, I decided to start a thread with the sole purpose of listing and sharing Mage Fun. things, discoveries, original / entertaining builds, fun facts, fails, wins, epic fails, epic wins, screens, jokes.

Let this post be as chaotic as it will, anything goes, just leave the words balance and nerf outside along with your shoes.

I'll start by saying that :

I like the casting animations. They rock. I feel like gandalf slamming his staff on the ground in the oh so famous balrog scene.

I like how healing with a chloromancer feels so refreshing ( no pun intended). The "healing through damage dealt" approach was new to me. And it's AoE as well ! I love seeing numbers flying all around.

Archon and Dominator souls give me the same satisfaction I had when playing rogue in D&D and countless mmos : being that annoying bastard foiling your plans.

We get to transform into a lich. Seriously, This is classy.