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Thread: Pet souls without pets?

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    Default Pet souls without pets?

    Let me just preface this. I don't really like pet classes.

    That being said, I'm faced with the unfortunate truth of Ele and Necro both offering good synergy with the other non-pet souls, even if just a few points. But I feel like I'm gimping myself by not using the pet that's given to me, even if I'm not investing any talent points into making them better. Do others feel this way? Is there a level where it just becomes pointless to use the pet because it's just too weak?

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    Can't speak to the elementalist, but I believe it is less pet dependent than Necro.

    necro however is a heavy pet soul. Many abilities that revolve around boosting you pet. many spells cast boost pet damage. Late game the pet accounts for a large portion of your damage output (I would wager at least 30- 40 percent) So may not be a choice if your not keen on pets.

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    Default Pets


    I can only speak for Ele pets, but if you don't invest any point in them, by the mid 30s, your pets will max out at level 30 and be utterly useless. They won't do damage, generate threat, and will sometimes accidentally aggro mobs you don't want to fight.

    I'm 44 right now, and I'm actually going to invest in some pet stuff, get the greater summons, and see if they're worth it. Otherwise, spend your points elsewhere and fugget about the pets! (IMO)

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    Pet sould atre good as a PvE fast track to L30+ then you can easily respec into a decent non-pet build.

    Many of the builds that are very powerful in the later game do not start to work properly until L30+, so it's horses for courses...
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