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Thread: Dungeon DPS spec

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    Default Dungeon DPS spec

    I've been using a healing spec- chloro/necro, and it's great, but sometimes I get in groups where there's already a healer. It's also a great off-heals spec, but the DPS is somewhat lacking.

    I'm thinking either pyro or SC for the main spec. Which would you choose, or would you take something else?

    This is only for dungeon groups, won't be soloing with it, or PvP-ing with it. I want to have both good single target and AoE DPS. I'm level 48 now, so just assume 50.

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    32 elem 34 sc for aoe pulls

    then pyro elem for single target or 51 archon 11 necro 4 pyro another good single target spec

    strictly pve.
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