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Thread: New to Mage, will this combo work?

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    Default New to Mage, will this combo work?

    So I usually play a tank, my group of RL friends who play are all caster's and healers so they always want a tank and I'm happy to play one.

    But I rolled a Mage last night for the fun of it and I liked it. Thing is I rolled three classes that I have no idea if they'll work later in the game (figured I can change it if they don't).

    Right now I'm playing Warlock Primary, Dominator second, and I have Elemental summoner there for the pet. I play on a PvP server and while I don't go around ganking people, I quickly get bored with a game that doesn't involve PvP. So I want a build that can last in PvP, but if the souls aren't gonna compliment each other in PvE I don't want that either. I'll probably build a specific role for PvP later once I go to some warfronts and test it out, I just want this to be a role that wont die within 2 seconds if I get jumped in a contested zone.

    So like I said I don't know much about mages in any of the games I've played, so any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    Things change a lot as you level and get more soul points to spend. Nice thing about this game is that you can completely respec whenever you like for very little gold.
    So, mess with it and see how it works for you, then try something else.
    Also, there are hundreds of posts on this board with pve/pvp builds.. read back a few pages.
    As to pvp ... From what I've heard if you want to survive you should not be using a mage.

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