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Thread: Spec idea

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    Smile Spec idea

    Thought about combining warlock and pyro. pyro dps skills and passives, warlocks overtime spells, "warlock armour" dmg buff and passives.

    I could start my attack by cast life leech and my others OverTime thingys, cast the warlock Void Bolt to refresh the lifeleetch, spam firebolt, fireball. ->void bolt, and the OTs which have expired.
    +20% dmg buff passive from warlock.
    =worth it as PvE DPS instance spec, atleast for bosses? :)

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    I'm pretty sure this is a common spec, exept no need for the warlock spells such as void bolt or DoT's.... they are pathetic in comparison to pyro fire spells

    warlock is only there for the +20% dam +5% crit +10% hp and 10% instant spell casts

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