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Thread: Need third set of Souls

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    Default Need third set of Souls

    I currently run Stormcaller/Elementalist/Dominator and Chloromancer/Warlock/Archon. I'd like to try a third set of Souls. I feel like I have a DPS spec with Storm and a healing spec with Chloro, so I'd like something a bit different that both of those. I haven't used Necro or Pyro and the Dominator and Archon are just filler souls, I have only a few points in to each of them. Can I make a viable solo PvE class with any combination of those four souls?


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    All my 4 soul options are PvE
    necro/lock/dom - soloing and pug rifting
    chloro/lock/dom - healer
    archon/lock/pyro - raid support
    pyro/lock/dom - main dps build (dungeons etc.)

    Want to have a PvP full dom build and a T2 boss build to but not enough slots

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    Try out a chloro/archon split. Its a little different that chloro/warlock, pretty much the same numbers assuming your on top of your buffs, but you also get a nice heap of support and utility through your auras. As far as an entirely new third spec goes however, try out Pyro/ele. Its amazing single target DPS, and has ridiculous spike DPS during burn phase. Also something to keep in mind if your high enough level to get them both. The 31 pt talent in Pyro resets the CD on the 31 pt in ele, meaning you can have a decently long period of some heavy deeps! Its a lot of fun to play, brings it back to the good ol days of the "three minute mage"
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