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Thread: My elite killing strategy worx

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    Default My elite killing strategy worx

    I was messing around in Droughtlands last night and was killing elites at or above my level (lvl 40+ when i was 38/now 40). I dont know how necro/locks do it, but my SC/Ele/Dom build was awesome-albeit slow.

    Leave pet on passive as i dont want him to screw up a cc.
    Start with Icicle or Arctic Blast followed by a RS>IS>1 to 2 other dps spells if the mob is still far enough away then proceed to Squirrel him. Back up to max range and wait for RS to refresh (btw I have 100% root when casting RS). Do same as first round. It should take 3 total rounds for an elite of same or slightly higher level.

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    Same can be done with any direct damage build. Its magic with Transmogrity than being great at dps. I do same with pyro build.

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    Interesting =]

    Necros have it pretty easy. DoT up the elite as fast as you can, sending in tank pet, than hit your 2 healing spells on your pet. They generate a lot of charge, so by the time you've used your dots and heals, you've almost got 100% charge, and can Soul Purge your way to win.

    Not sure how it works on more than 1 elite though.

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