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Thread: Broken ELE skillups

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    Default Broken ELE skillups

    Has anyone else found broken Skillups? My Rank 7 Elementalist Lighting Strike is exactly the same as Rank 8. I reported this ingame several days ago but have not heard back from a GM. I am wondering if other skills in the mage calling are as worthless. Yes, I tested it against the dummies, and Rank 7 is exactly same as Rank 8.

    If other skills suck as bad without actual upgrades then I will reroll a cleric or something that a group can ACTUALLY use. As it stands, the SC has subpar dps soul and is not a viable main soul. The Elementalist is ok as a secondary soul, but I am sick of the worthless skillups. Yea for a boost of 5 dmg (base) on something that should have received a base damage boost of 50.

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    There are a few broken skills, like Necromancer's Corpse Explosion.

    I do hope Trion is looking into it, if it's not fixed already.

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