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Thread: New player, Mage Spec

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    Default New player, Mage Spec

    Hi everyone!

    I'm currently leveling a mage as my first character, Pyro/Archon/Chloro - but I'm thinking about swapping it around to Warlock/Chloro/Dom.

    This is the specc I came up with in the builder: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...h.xeoAzqqek.0c

    What I'd like my specc to do is pretty much be great at survival while leveling, able to do well in PvP & dungeons dps wise as well as have some utility.

    Any tweeks to this specc and maybe a little rundown of why I should change this with that would be very much appriciated! Thanks a lot in advance!

    - Amb

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    the good thing about this game is that you absolutely DONT want to make a build that is good at everything. because in reality you will be very poor at everything...

    you can make up to 4 separate builds and swap to them whenever you are out of combat

    so make a leveling build, a pvp build, a dungeon dps build, and a dungeon healing build and you will be GREAT at everything (just not all at once, but when do you PvP in a dugeon?!)

    some suggested builds
    leveling : necro/lock/chloro
    pvp: pyro/archmage or necro/lock/archmage
    pve: necro/lock or archon or stormcaller
    healer: chloro/lock

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    I agree with the PP, it's best to have separate specs for separate tasks, however for my solo build I like to have some flexibility too so if I come across someone while I am in combat, I can help them with a little healing. Or since I am on a PvP server, I like having a solo spec that has some PvP potential for obvious reasons. That said, I have a similar spec to the one you posted. Some suggestions:

    Get Synthesis & Photogenesis maxed and skip Circle of Life. Synthesis will boost your healing on one target (usually the tank) by a ton for any damage you are doing and Photogenesis is awesome in any situation with more than one mob since Radiant spores will spread to all of them (up to 8, but really, that's usually more than you have mobs) ramping up the healing to you or your group hugely. In warlock, if you are getting Radiate Death you should get Neddra's Grasp too so you can spread it along with Dark Touch. I also think you may want to consider going 51 points into warlock since you are already almost there, but it really doesn't matter until you are level 50, so plenty of time to think about it Also, Lingering Pain & Improved Void Bolt are both quite nice for soloing and grouping. Not having to refresh Life Leech and lowering the cast time on Void Bolt both increase DPS. Some things to think about!
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    Just to re-inforce it: Yup... don't ever try to do everything in one build in Rift. There's really no need at all. With a very little effort you can get at least a second Role slot early in the game (30gp) - and from then on, you need to make fewer and fewer compromises as you level and open up more Role slots.

    If you're doing anything with Chloro, take a look at my Easy Beginner's Guide to Chloro Healing - and also to the post on various 'Chloro as support' builds further down that thread, which may be more appropriate for the very early levels before level 15/16.


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