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Thread: Dominator PVP strategies

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    Default Dominator PVP strategies

    Would be very interested in hearing dominator pvp strategies, both in duels and warfronts.

    What skills are you main bread and butter? What do you have hotkeyed in the most accessible places?


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    Instant transmorgify to left mouse button.

    Transference as it annoys rogues/warriors/casters, may not be the greatest damage dealer but whatever.

    Storm Shackle is about yoru only dom AOE ability, but its really only used as your root/snare.

    Thunder Blast great for interupting spells when your priests lament or arresting prescence are down/out of charge.

    Grasping Void AoE Snare.
    Void Shroud, put on your enemey flag carriers.

    Reflective Command on your flag carriers.
    Reflective Pressence great for messing up enemey mages not expecting it. :P

    Mana Wrench nice when your low on mana, deals dmg, drains there mana/energy and returns the same % back to you.

    Accelerated Decay, helps reduce enemies dps/hps, but burns a GCD

    Overpowering will, helpful with the mana regen later on, as well as a possible dmg/dps boost, but I don't seem to find it works as good as advertised.

    Split Personality probalby onlyr eally good in pve, but having 3 versions of you spamming void bolts at the enemey can't hurt your dps much.

    Chastise, if you go 31 deep, grants you a stacckign debuff, every action adds another stack. Each stack reduces dmg/healing by 10%. So any dmg or healing they do, is reduced by up to 100%. ;)

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