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Thread: Help! New to Pyro need rotation pointers

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    Default Help! New to Pyro need rotation pointers

    I've been struggling with the expert dungeons and have decided to go with a Pyro build for the single target boss fights. I've never played Pyro and would like some help with my build and a solid rotation. Again I really appreciate anyones help/pointers. Also if you've got a good guide I can read to just learn the Pyro that would be great!


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    I saw your build, and I would honestly drop improved smoldering power from your spec and instead pick up 5/5 in Exhilaration in the archon tree. Then possibly drop one point from dark power in the warlock tree and pick up Leeching Flames in the archon tree. Leeching flames is an amazing DoT and at my current level is ticking for around 134 per tick at 44, netting about 900ish overall.

    I guess for single target the pyromancer's armor would be better than firestorm, but firestorm is amazing AoE damage as well.

    My current rotation, is this

    5 stacks of Pillaging stone (before boss is better)
    Flame Bolt > Countdown > Leeching Flame > Fireball until Flamebolt comes back up. If the proc occurs from your fire balls where flame bolt is no cooldown (seems to me ever 30 seconds hidden cooldown) spam it. Throw in Inferno after Leeching Flame if the mob/boss is below 30%. If Leeching flame is on cooldown just Fireball.

    If the fight is a very mobile fight, don't be afraid to throw in a Searing Vitality for extra damage.

    If opportunity procs, Cinderburst, Cinderburst on cooldown cast Fireball instead. Use your charge for Internalize charge whenever it reaches 100.
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