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Thread: 51 Necro/15 Chloro Dps/Utility

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    Default 51 Necro/15 Chloro Dps/Utility

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    Not as well as you're hoping. The problem is that you're trying to do too many heals when you have absolutely no need for them whatsoever. Being that deep into Necro means you have Soul Purge and Revivify, so your pet and yourself should stay healed almost infinitely, and if things are going bad, then you can just Feign Death and reset.

    Instead of Chloro, you're better off with Warlock for the bonus Charge generation per spell so that you can get more frequent Soul Purges off. You are also likely better off moving out of the full 51 in Necro and going up to 30 in Warlock for the 20% bonus damage and 5% crit, alongside of Reconstruct, Sacrifice Life: Damage, and Sacrifice Life: Mana, and the bonus Endurance from Neddra's Might. Not to mention the better DPS that Void Bolt brings over casting Plague Bolt.

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