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Thread: Looming Demise on Elite mobs!

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    Unhappy Looming Demise on Elite mobs!

    Looming demise when played on mobs does 2 things.

    1) Reduces spell power and attack by 5%
    2) Increases pet dps by doing something different per pet.

    On Dungeon Elite and Raid mobs it will 99% of the time be removed within 0.5 sec of being cast. This negatively impacts Necromancers for unknown reasons. I understand that if the reduction of 5% damage is ruining balancing then fine don't allow that part of the spell to hit the mob but we should be able to have the pet dps increase to happen.

    I therefore ask can the pet increase in dps passive be moved to Essence Link or find some other way of allowing Looming Demise to land on mobs but not change their stats.

    I know I am not the only necro in my guild that is pissed off by this so anyone else?

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    It's being overwritten by other debuffs that do the same thing. Binding of Atrophy from the Reaver soul is the usual culprit. Tell them to use a different one when you are DPSing.

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