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Thread: Mage Advice please

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    Default Mage Advice please

    Hello im making a new char and i cant decide to be a Mage or Rogue, i got a rogue to lv 11 and my mage is now lv 16 i was in FAE dungeon and a rogue 3 lvs higher then me doubles my dps on the dmg meter i used. are mages supposed to not only die a lot faster then rogues but also do less dps ? id rarther be stabbed then shot in the face with a fireball tbh... and how are rogues ocm paired at lv 50, ranger/marksman seemed fun in pvp beign able to move and spam shoot and execute combos but i seem drawn to the mage for some reason mostly the cool necro pets i supose i cant decide, and after getting cleric to lv 42 and not liking it i dont wanna spend 3 weeks getting there again.
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    Play a rogue.
    I have a 44 cleric and a 39 mage yet will likely settle with a rogue unless mage receives some buffs soon.

    Rogue in your RotF group was likely running a saboteur soul. Sab is the best damage I think, while ranger/MM is for soloing in pve. Bard is pretty strong in WF's while rogue also offers nice levelling routes with Riftstalker/Sin/BD.
    If you can hack Mage then by all means level it. If pvp doesn't interest you then I think your mileage with the class will be longer.

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