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Thread: disarm vs riftblade is PRO

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    Default disarm vs riftblade is PRO

    No. No it is not. I have been in the wf a lot today and it seems like every pyro i meet just can't wait to disarm me. Do you guys even keep track of who is a champ and who is not?

    its not disarm you want. its silence you want. silence is golden.

    i can damage you just fine through disarm.

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    Dont know about riftblade, disarm disables bards, fyi. "need a weapon equipped to cast bard spells"

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    For some reason I've been getting disarmed AS A PYRO by another pyro People really need to learn how their CC works.
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    honestly all plate/leather/chain looks the same to me, specially in warfronts.

    It's only if you are anything special or good that I will take the time and look at my combat log to figure out what you did. Otherwise it's disarm everyone but mages if they are close to me or ranging me with a bow.

    If you have a melee weapon in hand you get disarmed it's pretty simple.

    As a pyro we don't have much to really be able to do but that anyhow or root, or stun us both!

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