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Thread: Mages are a poor fourth

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    Default Mages are a poor fourth

    OK. If you like to play mages, and have in other MMORPGs, you will note by inspection that the mage class in Rift is a pitiful shadow of normal MMORPGs mages, i.e. DAOC, WOW, D&D Online and their derivation LOTR and D&D PnP.

    The Triton mage is small on offense and pitiful on defense. They have to become half-clerics and heal themselves so they can PvE at all (pew pew). That demonstrates Tritons’ contempt for mages.

    No stone skin, mirror image, teleport, fly, anti-magic shells. No fireballs with punch. No void bolt combos that kill any even level PvE in 2 rapid casts (DAOC).

    And none of this wait until you are fifty tripe. No other class in Rift has to wait until they are fifty. All of the other classes are there at level one.

    And at fifty, since they start that way, how can they not be a poor fourth then?

    Therefore I submit, the Rift Mage is the worst designed class in recent MMORPGs.

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    PvE I don't have issue with, the effort spent to make each mage soul be different and fairly unique is amazing.

    Therefore I submit,...
    usually when someone states this, they have a pretty good argument supporting it.

    Yours is opinion my pure pyro has no problem taking 1-2 mobs at a time, hasn't from lvl 20... before that is 1v1... at lvl 33 if I've got all my cooldowns off I can rock 3 pretty easy.

    This is a build with absolutely no healing ability, it's all about the damage. If your complaint about mages is they aren't like other mmo's, sorry they aren't, they are cooler. If your complaint is that they can't fly, kill things with a glance, or wish things into existance, yeah that's not a legit complaint.

    No stone skin, mirror image, teleport, fly, anti-magic shells.
    These things are available with different names. Would you like your fireballs to require a pinch of bat guano to be able to be cast also?

    Your argument has if anything one or two points, the rest is opinion and is hardly worthy of a "Therefore I submit..."

    Play the game, analyze things in it's setting, specially PvE, then come back with a formal argument, if you're going to end your argument so formally.

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    As Liper has stated, some of these are actually available to Mages. Mirror Image is Split Personality in Dominator tree, Teleport is Blink in Pyro tree, etc. A problem is the placing of key abilities. For example, Warriors get a pbaoe fear at level 6 or so, when we get it at level 44.

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